The Mocktail Summit with Mocktail Mom and Friends!

This is a fun-filled, binge-worthy way to enjoy the mocktail community's recipes, workshops, tips for alcohol-free drinks, community, and so much more!


What can you expect inside The Mocktail Summit? 

Mocktail recipes, demonstrations, and recorded presentations from the best in the mocktail community are available inside the Mocktail Summit hub, where you can watch them at your convenience from anywhere via phone, laptop, or tablet!

Check out these rockstar presenters who have shared their knowledge & know-how!

Natalie Battaglia
of The Mindful Mocktail
Drink Yourself Healthy
(Not Hungover)
Christine Wayne
of On The Mocks
Hit The Easy Button On
5 Simple Two Ingredient Mocktails
Ian Blessing
of All The Bitter
Getting Started With Bitters To Uplevel Your Mocktails
Chelsea Mitchell
of Present Mind Drinking
Make It Simple With Simple Syrups
Derick Santiago
of Mocktail Wiz
Mindful Mixology Tools,
Tips, & Tricks
Sarah Kate
of Some Good Clean Fun
Discovering The World On Non-Alcoholic Wine
Heidi Abell
of Sober In Charlotte
Two Pink Mocktails

Rob Theodorow of
Generation NA

The 411 On Opening a
NA Bottle Shop
Laura Silverman
of Zero Proof Nation
NA Beer With Bitters &
RTD Options
Elizabeth Gascoigne
of Absence Of Proof
The Simplest Mocktail Mule Recipe
Nyina Muigai
The Most Requested Mocktail
Joanne Pearce
of Mock-Ups Mocktails
Thrillers, Fillers, & Spillers
Paige Danoff
of Sober & Funky
Get Funky with
Non-Alcoholic Margaritas!
Richard Loud
Non-Alcoholic Blood Orange Margarita
Jessa Frances DeLaRosa
of Untoxicated World
Espresso Mocktini To Boost Your Mood & Fight Fatigue
Emma Newman
of Sober Sonic
A Taste Of Italy
Karina Bulate
of Mocktail Corner
Boujee Not Boozy - Fig Honey Thyme VirGin Mocktail
Katie Nessel
of Soberish Mom
Five Tips For Making Fancy Ice

What attendees had to say about The Mocktail Summit!

I'm thrilled to have been joined by these fantastic sponsors!

Meet Your Host Deb Podlogar of Mocktail Mom

When I decided to take a break from alcohol in 2021, I had no idea what to drink if I wasn't drinking alcohol.

I've created The Mocktail Summit because it's the event I wish I'd had when I started making mocktails. A fun, inspiring way to discover non-alcoholic options, how to make yummy mocktails, and what to look for in alcohol-free alternatives.

I can't wait for you to enjoy the replays of this inaugural summit for 21 sessions of mocktail making, tips & tricks, step-by-step instruction, and fun!

- Deb Podlogar, Mocktail Mom | Host of Thriving Alcohol-Free podcast

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What's inside?

  • Printable Recipe Book With All Mocktails Demonstrated During The Summit
  • Lifetime Access To All 18 Workshops So You Can Watch Them When It Fits Your Schedule
  • Exclusive Access To Three Recorded Happy Hours With Deb & Co-Hosts
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