EP 42: Staying Sober, Fun, and Funky with Paige Danoff from Sober and Funky

Step behind the bar and discover how a New York bartender and bar owner shook up her life by embracing sobriety, all while shaking up some seriously delicious mocktails!

Join us on a journey with our guest, Paige, from Sober and Funky, who transformed her life after choosing an alcohol-free lifestyle back in 2015. She'll walk you through her move to Austin, Texas, her passion for creating delicious mocktails, and her dedication to building a community that supports alcohol-free living.

In our conversation, we'll touch on Paige's endeavors in event planning, revealing how her events have become instrumental in connecting with the local Austin community. 

From her unique trivia nights to her signature sticker that symbolizes her journey, Paige's platform shows that sobriety doesn't have to be a life sentence to boredom. So tune in and get ready to be inspired by her journey – because it's never too late to start afresh, and sobriety can indeed be funky!

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