EP 46: Crafting Wholesome Sips With Natalie From The Mindful Mocktail

Get ready to dive into a lively conversation bursting with laughter, mixology magic, and uplifting inspiration alongside the fabulous mocktail queen, Natalie Battaglia! All the way from the Land Down Under, Nat's here to light up your day with her incredible journey of riding the waves of alcohol use and her unwavering determination to break free, all shared with a wonderful blend of warmth, humor, and reliability.

In our time together, Nat and I debunk misconceptions about alcohol use disorder and offer encouragement to those on a similar path. She’ll share more about her personal history with alcohol, and how a very scary moment led to the creation of her Instagram account, The Mindful Mocktail, which is dedicated to her delectable and healthy concoctions.

You're also in for an exclusive peek behind the curtain as Nat shares her wild ride of becoming an author and navigating the publishing world. Plus, she'll let you in on her secrets for crafting refreshingly healthier, all-natural drinks that'll have you feeling absolutely fantastic! What I adored most about chatting with Nat? Her reminder that without alcohol, there's a world of time and energy waiting to be channeled into fulfilling pursuits—and it's all within your reach too. So buckle up and join me for an open, candid, and oh-so-inspiring episode!

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