EP 47: A Conversation on Sobriety and Alcohol Culture with Amy from Happier Hour Starts Now

Have you ever paused to consider the role of alcohol in your life and how it's portrayed in popular culture? My guest did exactly that, and it changed her life! Join me in a thought-provoking conversation with Amy Leahy, the brilliant mind behind Happier Hour Starts Now. Amy walks us through her personal journey of embracing sobriety, unraveling the intricacies of gray area drinking, and challenging our perceptions of what's considered 'normal' when it comes to alcohol consumption.

Amy's candor about her path to an alcohol-free life in February 2023 sparks a vital discussion about honesty and self-reflection concerning our own relationships with alcohol. We also get into the impact of alcohol on the hospitality industry, shining a spotlight on the uplifting trend of more inclusive drink menus. This episode is your ticket to a profound understanding of alcohol-free living, the rising tide of non-alcoholic beverages, and the exciting changes we're seeing in our culture. So, buckle up!

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