Hey, I'm Deb – just a normal mom that got lost in the world of “mommy wine culture.”

I started drinking later in life—in my 40s, usually just out with friends “for a glass of wine”.  After some time, I started using wine to numb the pain of life: divorce, breast cancer, the death of my parents, & more.

No one would have ever known I was struggling in my relationship with wine. To an outsider, I didn’t look like I had a “problem”.  I was just a normal mom that volunteered with the PTA & loved the Lord.  No one saw the shame I was dragging around because I knew in my heart how much I was struggling with drinking too much wine.

At the end of 2020, I had had enough.  I was sick & tired of feeling like garbage when I woke up.  I was sick of promising myself that I wouldn’t drink as much.  I was sick of breaking promises to myself every day that I would “only have one”.

My mocktail journey started right on 12/31/2020, my last & final “day one”.  I knew I needed replacement drinks if I was going to be successful & be able to surf-the-urge of alcohol.

On January 9, 2021 I started my IG account @Mocktail.Mom to share alcohol-free drinks that I was discovering.  I wanted to find mocktails & alcohol-free options beyond a Shirley Temple.

Before I stopped drinking, I thought I would be missing so much without my nightly wine habit.  Truth is, I have gained so much!  I feel freer & more alive than ever.  Being free from alcohol has allowed me to start living life with authentic freedom!

Maybe you’re a part of the growing movement towards mindful drinking or maybe you are sober-curious. If you’re in recovery or taking a healthy living challenge or just want to re-evaluate your relationship with alcohol, I would be honored to support you along the way. There are so many non-alcoholic options & so many choices when you are choosing to be free of alcohol.