Tips For Pairing Non-Alcoholic Wine With Cheese

If you're a cheese lover and curious about what cheese selections pair well with some of your favorite alcohol-free wines, here are a few options from Thriving Alcohol-Free member Kristine Lies (@RealSoberTalk).

Kristine and I chatted about this subject during our conversation on episode 26 of the Thriving Alcohol-Free podcast, and it turned out that so many people were curious about it that I even created a little guide about it! Check out some of these suggested pairings below, and try experimenting with your own favorite alcohol-free wines and cheeses to see what you like best. All of the cheese recommendations mentioned below are available at Aldi.

NA SAVIGNON BLANC - Try pairing with Goat Cheese or Havarti.

NA ROSÉ - Try pairing with Boursin or Lustenberger.

NA PINOT GRIGIO - Try pairing with Aged Cheddar and Brie.


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