Rum & Coke Mocktail

This year I'm on a mission to introduce you to more brands, and I am making it happen!

In episode 66 of the Thriving Alcohol-Free podcast, I had the pleasure of interviewing Ellie Webb who is the visionary behind the alcohol-free brand Caleño. We chatted about her leap from the alcohol industry to pioneering the UK's non-alcoholic spirits realm. What started as an idea during a sobering Dry January eventually led to a complete lifestyle and business revolution.

Today I'm sharing a recipe from her collection, and it's a delicious and spicy twist on the classic rum and coke. Give it a try and discover how you don't have to sacrifice taste just because you're going alcohol-free.

Caleño and Cola


50ml Caleño Dark & Spicy
200ml premium cola (check out my IG reel to see me make this with a sugar free alternative!)
1 Lime


Pour 50ml of Dark & Spicy over ice, and top with 200ml of ice-cold cola. Add half a lime (zesting the peel for extra zing) for garnish, and en-JOY!