The Best Combination - Mocktails Out And About

Most of the time when I'm making mocktails you'll find me in my kitchen at home trying some new tasty combo to share on Instagram or with my Thriving Alcohol-Free members, but a few weekends ago I had a blast at the Kroger Wellness Festival sharing some of my favorite mocktail combos at the Geisen alcohol-free wine booth.

The Kroger Wellness Festival is a free, two-day event in Downtown Cincinnati, and t
he weekend was made even more fun because my daughter (and discerning taste tester!) Lily came along with me. I made mocktails, shared taste samples, and had an amazing time meeting and greeting people as they came through the booth... basically spreading the mocktail love!


If you haven't tried Giesen wines yet, you're in for a treat. The entire range of Giesen 0% wines are some of my favorite de-alcoholized wines. The Giesen 0% Sauvignon Blanc has been my "go-to" non-alcoholic wine for over two years!

I was thrilled to have Duncan Shouler, the Director of Winemaking at Giesen Wines, join me on the podcast recently to share the behind the scenes story of Giesen and how their wines are made. Check out episode 33 of the Thriving Alcohol-Free Podcast to hear more here.

Until next time, big time cheers from Kentucky!