EP 35 Meet Elizabeth of Absence Of Proof

Are you ready for a deep dive into the power of sobriety and how it can transform lives? Meet Elizabeth Gascoigne, our extraordinary guest today, whose journey from substance addiction to a thriving, alcohol-free life led her to create Absence of Proof, a groundbreaking non-alcoholic beverage company.

But Elizabeth's story goes beyond personal triumph. Through Absence of Proof, she's revolutionizing the beverage industry and changing perceptions about sobriety. We'll explore her entrepreneurial journey, the challenges of planning large-scale events, and the unspoken mental toll that comes with it.

Finally, we'll uncover the importance of work-life balance and self-care in maintaining an alcohol-free lifestyle. Elizabeth shares her secrets to slow living, setting healthy boundaries, and breaking free from social media negativity. Join us for a compelling episode packed with inspiration and insights for those seeking a fulfilling, sober life.

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