EP 38: A Look into National Sober Day with its
Founder Courtney Anderson

Ready to celebrate sobriety and embrace a life without alcohol? Join me for an honest and heartfelt exploration into sobriety with Courtney Anderson, a sober life coach, author, podcast host, and the visionary behind Sober Vibes and National Sober Day. In this episode, Courtney and I break down the stigma and shame around addiction and recovery, and the importance of recognizing National Recovery Month. We also offer a sneak peek into the recently celebrated National Sober Day, aiming to foster understanding and encourage open dialogues about addiction and sobriety.

Nonetheless, sobriety isn't always an easy path. Courtney bravely shares her personal journey of transitioning to a sober lifestyle, recounting the identity shifts she faced and the grieving process she underwent while giving up her addictions. As our conversation deepens and we explore the hurdles of socializing in sobriety, you'll discover essential wisdom on establishing personal boundaries, pinpointing potential triggers in non-alcoholic beverages, and reaping the advantages of taking a break from excessive social interactions. Whether you're on your own path to recovery, contemplating sobriety, or seeking to empathize with the challenges that someone dear to you may be facing, this episode is a must-listen!

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