EP 41: Mini-Episode: October Wrap-Up and
Sober Vibes Wisdom

Hey friends! I'm back from vacation, and it's time to check in as we wrap up the month of October and gear up for Halloween! You know, Halloween can be a spooky season for some folks with all the drinking traditions. I remember strolling through the neighborhood with my kids for trick-or-treating while sipping on some wine. But here's a little reminder – you can still have a blast tonight (or any night) without the alcohol!

I also recently connected with my membership group, and we had a fantastic chat about Courtney Andersen's book, "Sober Vibes". We uncovered some incredible insights during our Happy Half-Hour discussion, and I couldn't resist sharing a few nuggets with you! So, let's dive into a brew of Halloween fun and sober inspiration.

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