EP 51: Meet Emma Newman: Finding Joy and Adventure in Sobriety

When Emma Newman poured her last drink, she had no idea that her path to sobriety would lead her to a world full of delicious mocktails, and continue after 97 months! Her story isn't just about saying 'no' to alcohol—it's about navigating new social landscapes, prioritizing self-care, and conquering your fears. In this latest episode, Emma brings to the table her candid experiences, from the early days of limited non-alcoholic options to today's vibrant mocktail scene, proving that going dry doesn't have to mean going dull.

As we chat about the sober life, Emma's insights underscore the courage and opportunities that sobriety uncorks. Who knew that ditching the drink could lead to conquering the O2 in London or the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu? Emma shares her tips for navigating social settings sans alcohol, from pre-planning restaurant visits to shaking up your own 'rock shanty' at home. Whether you're curious about crafting the perfect non-alcoholic mojito or you're looking for inspiration to take on your own heights—both literal and metaphorical—this episode is a toast to the boundless adventures that await in an alcohol-free life.

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