EP 57: Sparking Change and Inspiring a Community With Kim From Sober Is the New Cool

In this episode, I had the privilege of interviewing Kim Bellas, the remarkable founder of Sober is the New Cool, whose journey is truly inspiring. Kim's path to sobriety began when her son Matthew was diagnosed with epilepsy, prompting her to quit alcohol in solidarity with him. What started as a three-month challenge turned into 11 years of sobriety, during which she discovered a profound sense of purpose in helping others navigate their own struggles.

Throughout our conversation, we discussed the challenges Kim encountered along her path, highlighting her unwavering commitment to positivity and resilience. From organizing international walks to advocating for mental health and addiction support, Kim has used her platform to spread encouragement and to benefit various nonprofits through sales from her awesome merch. Her story underscores the transformative power of sobriety and the importance of community support in overcoming life's hurdles.

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