EP:61 Inclusion and Mindful Drinking with Jane Harmon from Amethyst NA Spirits

Ever feel like the odd one out for skipping the booze at special events? Everyone wants to feel included, and Amethyst, the Non-Alcohol Spirits brand, has made this their mission.

Today, my guest is Jane Harmon, the brand manager of Amethyst, who is sharing all about its evolution, from their inclusive concept to a community-centric favorite. You’ll learn how their incredible botanical-infused spirits are more than just a drink—they're a celebration of health and joy without the hangover regrets.

Jane gives us the lowdown on Amethyst's fabulous flavors like their Blueberry Ginger Mint, Grapefruit Basil, and Lemon Cucumber Serrano, even giving us a look at what’s in the works for Amethyst in the coming months. Plus, you’ll hear more about Jane and her experience of working behind the scenes, including fun opportunities for mocktail enthusiasts to socialize and keep the good times rolling. So, if you’re a seasoned soberista, a mindful drinker, or are just sober curious - all are welcome to kick back relax, and join me for this lighthearted episode! 

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