EP 62: The BrewDog Approach to Non-Alcoholic Craft Beers with Jordan Shippee

Get excited because I'm diving into the refreshing world of non-alcoholic craft beers with BrewDog's Jordan Shippee! BrewDog began in Scotland back in 2007 and has expanded like crazy all over the world. Jordan, a BrewDog Sales Manager, is giving us a look into their strategy and how they’ve managed to stay so successful in a somewhat volatile market.  

We discuss the different methods to create alcohol-free beer, the importance of term definitions in marketing, and the consumer trends worth noting. Jordan shares awesome tips for encouraging local retailers to carry more non-alcoholic options. He also explains the AFNA certification process that has made BrewDog a true leader in the NA space. From his favorite NA beer picks to their exciting brewery and hotel experience in Columbus, OH, Jordan is serving up significant insights into the company. 

It’s all fun and no buzz over here, so grab your mocktail and tune in to hear more!

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