EP 63: How To Eat To Change How You Drink with Dr. Brooke Scheller Pt. 1

Have you ever pondered the powerful role your eating habits might play on your alcohol-free journey? My two-part conversation with Dr. Brooke Scheller is completely packed with valuable insights that could potentially transform your approach to wellness. Dr. Scheller is a doctor of clinical nutrition, the founder of Functional Sobriety, and the author of How to Eat to Change How You Drink. After gaining freedom from alcohol in 2021, she took her experience in sobriety and applied her expertise in nutrition and functional medicine to help others change their relationship with alcohol to improve their health.

In part 1 of our discussion, we tackle the lingering stigmas surrounding sobriety, debunk myths, and illuminate the critical role of gut health and hormonal balance in our overall well-being.  For us women at the menopausal stage, we get real about the unique hurdles we face and offer actionable advice and specific dietary tweaks to sustain our energy, balance our moods, and squash those cravings. So pour yourself a bubbly kombucha and join us in fighting for a healthier, alcohol-free existence.

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How to Eat to Change How You Drink

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