EP 66:Joyful Drinking with Ellie Webb of Cale├▒o Tropical NA Spirits

My goal this year was to invite more brands onto the podcast and I am making it happen! I'm very excited to introduce Ellie Webb, the visionary behind Cale├▒o, as we chat about her leap from the alcohol industry to pioneering the UK's non-alcoholic spirits realm. What started as an idea during a sobering Dry January eventually led to a complete lifestyle and business revolution.

 In our conversation, Ellie walks us through her story, from the initial sparks of creativity to her delicious range of non-alc products that now graces sober bars and homes alike. We tackle the art of steam distilling non-alcoholic spirits, product expansion and innovation, but also the hard work behind being an entrepreneur, and even the market trends and consumer shifts she's noticing in the industry at large. Ellie imparts invaluable advice to those entrepreneurs with a thirst for entering the sober niche, and even words of wisdom to those looking to simply drink less alcohol. There's something for everyone, so tune in for a dose of inspiration, insider knowledge, and a testament to the power of perseverance in the pursuit of mindful drinking.

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