EP 68: Sober or Soberish? Katie Nessel's Guide to Mindful Drinking

Struggling with the decision to cut back or cut out alcohol can feel like an isolating battle, but it's a road well-traveled in our community. My latest guest is Katie Nessel from Soberish Mom who joins me in a conversation about mindful drinking and moderation. We share laughter and sober truths as Katie unfolds her journey from the corporate grind to the demands of motherhood, and how it inadvertently deepened her relationship with alcohol.

In our chat, we dive into the eye-opening experiences of detoxing, the health implications that come with a sip too many, and the non-judgmental tools that can guide us towards a healthier balance. We also explore the landscape of personal drinking philosophies, from total sobriety to cautious moderation, all while savoring the joy that life's occasions bring – minus the hangover.

Finally, Katie discusses her experience of managing a social media account and even shares some of her go-to non-alcoholic drink options – because who says a good time has to be spiked? Join us for an episode that's brimming with ideas for new rituals and the kind of warm, engaging conversation you'd enjoy over a freshly made mocktail. With Katie's infectious energy and an array of tips for the sober curious, this episode is your invitation to a different kind of happy hour.

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