EP 69 Finding Confidence In Your Alcohol-Free Life With Alyssa Heim

Hey friends, buckle up because today I have Alyssa Heim from Talk The Mock on Instagram joining me! Alyssa's journey is one for the books โ€“ she'll be sharing how she conquered her rocky relationship with alcohol, embraced sobriety, and stumbled upon her love for mixology along the way.

When she first embarked on her alcohol-free journey, Alyssa had to take a step back from the social scene to work on herself and solidify healthier habits. In our conversation, she gives all the tips and tricks on navigating those tricky social situations, having a positive mindset, and gaining confidence in sobriety. Her creativity also shines through as we chat about fun mocktail recipes and how to infuse spicy flavors into our booze-free beverages, so get ready for some seriously delicious ideas! Trust me, you won't want to miss out on her wisdom - youโ€™re sure to be inspired!

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