EP 70: Brewing For A Better Tomorrow With Joe Chura of Go Brewing

Ever wondered what it’s like to host David Goggins in your basement or kickstart a non-alcoholic beer revolution? Buckle up, because in this episode, I’m chatting with Joe Chura, the dynamic founder of Go Brewing, and he’s got some wild stories and inspiring insights to share! 

In our conversation, Joe opens up about his personal journey of unhealthy drinking habits that affected his health in difficult ways. During the COVID pandemic, Joe and his wife, Heather, realized they needed a change and committed to going 75 days without alcohol, where he first discovered non-alcoholic beer and was inspired to launch his own NA brewery.

Joe talks about the inception of Go Brewing, describing the naturally low-calorie and gluten-free offerings, and highlighting the health benefits from their carefully chosen ingredients. He talks about the importance of making better choices and how non-alcoholic beers can be a part of a balanced, healthy lifestyle. From funny stories about running and doing push-ups with Goggins to insightful reflections on personal growth and community building, this episode is packed with inspiration and practical advice for anyone looking to improve their well-being. Tune in for a conversation that's as motivating as it is entertaining!

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