EP 71: Navigating Alcohol Intolerance with Instagram's Mocktail Mo

I'm thrilled to welcome the amazing Mocktail Mo to the show! Mo is a true pioneer in the mocktail scene and was one of the very first accounts I followed on my alcohol-free journey. After turning 45, Mo discovered she was struggling with alcohol intolerance and was forced to find an alternative way to enjoy social settings. Today, we dive into her inspiring story of embracing mocktails and her passion for discovering the best from Arkansas’ NA landscape.

Mo shares her top tips for navigating restaurants that might not have mocktail options and spills the tea on her favorite alcohol-free wines and ready-to-drink beverages. We also chat about why restaurants seem slow to offer NA beverages and learn about the work she’s doing to encourage change within the industry.  Whether you're living alcohol-free or just curious, this episode is packed with fun insights and delicious recommendations. So grab your favorite mocktail and join us for a delightful conversation!

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