EP 74: What It Means to Live Authentically Alcohol-Free With Josnelly Aponte

In this episode of Thriving Alcohol-Free, I’m hanging out with the lovely Josnelly, from sunny Jacksonville, Florida. We first connected at the Mocktail Summit while making some delicious drinks, and ever since I’ve been anxious to get her on the show so I could get to know her and her heart behind living alcohol-free.

In our conversation, Josnelly gets real about her sobriety journey, which kicked off in January 2021. She opens up about handling work pressures, family life, and how the pandemic nudged her towards healthier choices. We dive deep into the world of non-alcoholic drinks, chatting about our favorite mocktails and the creative ways we enjoy them, and exploring how these drinks have made our lives so much more fun and vibrant. 

Josnelly also shares about her spiritual journey, her insights on being present, the mantra that guides her, and the impact living alcohol-free has had on her relationships. So tune in to hear us discuss living authentically and finding joy in every moment, without the need for alcohol!

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